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Helping Golfers throughout The Midlands Improve Their Game &  

Reduce Their Handicap.

Hi i'm Advanced PGA Professional Tom Gibbs

I've been been helping golfers of all ages and abilities from beginner to elite to improve their games and enjoy the game of golf more for over 15 years. In this times I have helped 1000's of golfers turn bogeys into birdies and reduce their handicaps. Whether you want more distance or have a suspect swing, a viscious slice, chipping blunders  or putting woes I can help you!


Coaching qualifications and highlights:

  • Advanced PGA Professional

  • TPI Certified

  • Master Mind Factor Coach

  • Staffordshire Boys & Girls County Coach

  • Shropshire & Herefordshire Boys & Girls County Coach

  • PGDip in Sports Coaching @ University of Birmingham

  • PGA & R&A Selected Swing Zone Coach 6 times




The Golf Performance Lab

In my coaching I will leave no stone unturned to help you improve and reach your goals, thats why I have invested in the latest technology used by the best players and coaches in the world! Including Trackman 4, SAM Balance LAB & Video Analysis.


Trackman 4 - Trackman is the worlds leading launch monitor used by the worlds top coaches and players .Trackman allows me track both the ball and club and see exactly what is happening.


SAM Balance LAB - SAM Balance LAB is the most advanced pressure plate for coaching and allows me to see exactly how you interact with the ground from set up and the swing.

Ok, lets get back to you & your golf...

As a keen golfer I know and understand how serious you are about improving your game and lowering your handicap. However I also understand the frustrations that come with trying to improve your game and how you feel stuck with at least one part of your game. But don't fear I am here to help!


Whether you are an elite player aspiring for the professional ranks or an avid club golfer looking to get their name on the board I firmly believe my unique coaching programme can help you reach your true potential.  

Here are just a few ways I can help you with your golf game...

  • Fix that that viscious slice

  • Take your range game onto the course

  • Turn that horrible snap hook into a beautiful baby draw

  • Putt like the pro's and eliminate 3 putts

  • Add 20 yards to your drives and amaze your playing partners

  • Make fear of bunkers a thing of the past

  • Stop duffing chips

  • Reduce your handicap

  • Enjoy golf even more!

If any of this sounds like you then you are in the right place!

I have a unique programme that will be specifically tailored to you and your golf game which will help you become confident with your golf game and help you reach your full potential!

The Tom Gibbs Golf Academy Performance Program





Advanced player performance analysis & testing

Performance review & Personal Improvement Blueprint including

goal setting

Personalised & periodised coaching & practice program

Review, retest and reasses to ensure contiued improvement

I have spent the past 15 years developng a performance program that will help you understand and

improve your game like never before!


Whats more my program is for golfers of all ages and abilities as long as you are committed and passionate about improving!


Using the latest technology including Trackman 4, SAM Balance Lab and Video Analysis your game will be vigerously tested and reviewed to identify exaclty what you need to do to shoot lower scores. We will also explore areas such as pre shot routine, practice routines, tournament preperation and much much more, leaving no stone unturned in ther persuit for improved performance and lower scores.


Here is my tried and tested 4 step program:

If you are after a quick fix i am not the pro for you!


I am passionate about seeing golfers like you improve their game and take it to a completely new level.

Thats why I only take commited and enthusiastic golfers who REALLY want to achieve their potential!


Does this sound like you?

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What my golfers say...

If you are ready to fulfill your potential and invest your valuable time into improving your golf her is what you need to do:


Get booked in for a 60 minute TGGA Performance analysis where I will:

  • Analyse your current swing using the latest technology including Trackman 4 and SAM Balance Lab so that we have a clear understanding of what is holding your golf game back and exactly what we need to do to improve.

  • Build your personal bespoke improvement Blueprint designed to lower your handicap, improve your performance and help you enjoy golf even more.

TOM_GIBBS_LOGO_GREY TOM_GIBBS_LOGO_GREY Trackman used by the best Ben pic unnamed

"I have never had coaching like this before! I have had a series of sessions with Tom using

Trackman 4 that have

revolutionised my game"

Gareth - PGA Professional

The Golf Performance Lab Logo The Golf Performance Lab Logo TOM_GIBBS_LOGO_GREY_JUNIORS TOM_GIBBS_LOGO_GREY_LADIES

"Tom's attention to detail both on & off course has helped me become a stable catagory 1 golfer. Incorporating both mental & physical aspects helped me see results much sooner than anticipated"

Luke - 4 Handicap

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